Lomellina is the name associated with the territory of the  Pianura Padana (Po river valley) situated in the southwestern corner of the region of Lombardy. It includes 57 comuni (municipalities) with a total population of about 215.000 inhabitants, covering an area of some 1290 km2. The name derives from the fact that during Roman times it was an ethnic community around the municipality of Lomello.
Three major rivers border the boundaries of Lomellina: the river Po to the south, the river Ticino to the east, and to the west the river Sesia, while to the north is an imaginary line linking the river Sesia south of Vercelli, to the river Ticino south of Novara.
In addition, the territory is traversed by two streams; the Agogna and Terdoppio as well as two branches of themanmade Canale Cavour. This abundance of water is a source of agricultural wealth in Lomellina.
The area is a major rice producer, thanks to one of Italy’s most modern irrigation system. Rice and dairy production, as well as the footwearindustry, are the area’s primary economic activities.

San Giorgio di Lomellina

San Giorgio di Lomellina - Bed and Breakfast Lomellina

San Giorgio di Lomellina is situated in a strategic and central position, at the intersection of roads linking Vercelli, Novara, Milan, Pavia, Voghera, Tortona, Alessandria and Casale Monferrato.

The nearest railway stations are Lomello and Mortara, respectively 7 and 10 km from our town, and providing links to Mortara, Vigevano, Garlasco, Milan and Voghera, with a variety of bus routes.

The nearest airports are Milan Linate Airport and Milan Malpensa Airport (both roughly 65 km from our location).

The Via Francigena

The Via Francigena is a historic pilgrimage route starting in Northern Europe and leading to Rome – the Eternal City. It links Canterbury Cathedral in the UK to Rome, along a route that covers about 1600 km. The Via Francigena passes right through our territory, coming from Robbio, Nicorvo and Mortara (where a visit to the Abbey of S. Albino is a must), then through Tromello (only 8 km from our house), and continuing on towards Garlasco and Pavia.

Via Francigena

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